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Spring Fire Week

Relax and Culture during the Spring Fire Week

Traditional countryside feast whose origins can be found in the pagan world.

On March 19th, on the day dedicated to San Giuseppe (the Italian father’s day), Itri is lighted by a big propitiatory fire which welcomes the spring. The organization of this event starts the week before and involves every citizen and civil organization. People drink and eat by the fires all night long and they dance popular music.


Itri Flower Week

Relax and Culture during the Flowers Week

During the Corpus Domini celebrations, Itri is dressed up with flowers.

The public squares and the streets are all decorated with carpets of flowers. The paintings are sketched first and then colored with petals of flowers. Many people are involved in this arrangement, both adults and children, since the first hours of the day. The final result is a carpet made of flowers and during the afternoon is walked by the Corpus Domini procession.


Akasamia - Honeymoon


We devote to our Guests an Ancient Home, a Little Village, a Great Passion.

A special offer, for special guests, for a special occasion. For this unique moment, we give you the possibility to book our residence only for you. Honeymoon is a 3 nights stay, including three romantic dinners in the lounge, with exclusive wines and the fireplace lit just for you. You can have dinner in the terrace or in the garden, with the possibility to have live music and a special menu.

If you want to amaze your beloved, just contact us and we will arrange everything together.

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Sud Pontino Events


The Sud Pontino area is a great place full of events and shows, is a place where music and cinema found a good floor.

Many movies which are milestones for the Italian cinema were directed here: Non c’è pace tra gli ulivi, La Ciociara, the most ‘recent Segreti di Stato di P. Benvenuti, Saturno Contro di F. Ozpetek, sono stati girati dalle nostre parti. The Itri Castle is an estimable place where many artistic exhibitions take place. During summer a part of the castle is transformed in an open-air theatre. On July 22nd, during the Maria SS della Civita celebrations, the castle is lightened by a wonderful fireworks show.


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